Assignment 47: Tuvalu

Location: South Pacific Population: 10,640 Capital: Funafuti Geography: A volcanic archipelago consisting of three islands and six atolls Language: English, Tuvaluan Signature flavours: Coconut, pulaka, taro and taro leaf, breadfruit, seafood, sea bird The Menu Tuvalu is a tropical island paradise and a fresh seafood-lover’s dream. It is also the least visited nation on earth….

Assignment 23: Kiribati

Location: Oceania Population: 110,000 Capital: Tarawa Geography: A diverse collection of 34 islands in three main groups. Language: Gilbertese, English Signature flavours: Coconut, kabocha pumpkin, breadfruit, seafood The Menu Recipes for Kiribati cuisine were few and far between. Eric found a few, and then drew from general information on the cuisine to build other dishes….

Assignment 21: Japan

Location: East Asia Population: 126.7 million Capital: Tokyo Geography: An archipelago of four main islands and almost 7000 others, with primarily mountainous, forested terrain. Language: Japanese Signature flavours: Rice, seaweed, seafood, soy The Menu Japanese food is beautiful, with a stunning composition of colours: green, white, red, black. Its aesthetic appeal can make it seem…